Here’s a bunch of photos (hopefully!) from Saturday nights gig @whelanslive taken by @goldenplec celebrating the wild and honest songs of #danieljohnston

Posted @withregram • @goldenplec A celebration of the life of Daniel Johnston! @whelanslive



Photos by @tivodar 🔗 in bio for full set

#hihowareyou #hihowareyouproject #danieljohnston

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Posted @withregram • @vivajerryfish 🎟️ Xtra Tickets added 🐸 Hi, How Are You Day Jan 22nd 2022 @whelanslive ! 🐸 Will be the first normal gig in Whelans in 600 days! 🤘 due to the lifting of restrictions in Ireland 🎉 New door time is 7:30pm and there are extra tickets available!
Thank you Daniel! 💚 So look forward to celebrating the genius of Daniel Johnston on his birthday! 🎂 Come and PARTY with
yours truly Jerry⚓Fish & Showbiz Friends @maykay316 @ailbhereddy @sexytadhg @anamoedrive @oisinoisin @mundy_music @johnbyrnemusic @fiachmoriarty @luan_jamesgeary @mark_geary_music_
⭐ A celebration of the life, music and legacy of Daniel Johnston @danieljohnstonofficial @hihowareyouproject in Dublin⚓Town! 🌊💙🌊 Big True Love, Jerry 💚☠️⚓xxx
#vivajerryfish #jerryfishelectricsideshow #danieljohnston #hihowareyouday #dublin #truelove #liffeylove #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters💚

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N.B DOORS AY 7.30pm and extra tickets available due to new guidelines.
Posted @withregram • @whelanslive Tonight is the first normal gig in over 600 days! Come and see @vivajerryfish & friends celebrate the return of live music and the life of the brilliant Daniel Johnston for HI, HOW ARE YOU DAY 2022.

The door time has change to 7:30pm and extra tickets have been added. It's gonna be a party.

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This is a great clip.
R.i.P @meatloafsofficialfanpage His performance of ‘Paradise on the Dashboard’ from the #oldgreywhistletest back in the day is mesmerising!

Posted @withregram • @bbc6music "I want my audiences to come and sit down in their seats and say: 'Alright. Entertain Me.'"

What tracks from Meat Loaf's back catalogue entertained you the most? 🦇

🎥 @bbc_archive

🔗 Tap the link in our stories to hear 5 Minutes On Meat Loaf on @bbcsounds

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This Saturday- head to @whelanslive for tickets(if there’s any left) early show.
Posted @withregram • @vivajerryfish ⭐🎪⭐ Hi, How Are You Day 2022! This Saturday! ⭐ Jan 22nd @whelanslive DUBLIN⚓TOWN! ⭐❤️⭐ A tribute to Daniel Johnston @danieljohnstonofficial with yours truly Jerry⚓Fish + @maykay316 + @ailbhereddy + @sexytadhg + @mundy_music + @anamoedrive + @oisinoisin + @fiachmoriarty + @luan_jamesgeary + @mark_geary_music_ + @johnbyrnemusic ⭐ "Do yourself a favour, become your own saviour" @hihowareyouproject Big LOVE, Jerry ❤️☠️⚓xxx #vivajerryfish #jerryfishelectricsideshow #danieljohnston #hihowareyouday #whelanslive #dublin #jan22 #2022 #truelove #liffeylove

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This is another one i made yesterday. (The Drum Is-not me) Heading over to the U.K this week. Head to www.mundy.or if you’d be interested in one of these or a ‘Gin and tonic Sky’ one. Or link in Bio. ...

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Posted @withregram • @snoopdogg ...

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This cheered me up a bit today!
Posted @withregram • @paulmccartney Celebrate #NationalBagelDay with the one and only McCartney bagel sandwich! 🥯🔥

Watch as Paul recounts his favourite way to construct a bagel with @marymccartney, @stellamccartney and @romeshranga

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I cannot stop thinking about this story and the passing of Shane O’Connor-Lunny. These are woefully challenging times. So much pressure. We’ve all been pushed and pulled and trying to remain patient. Our senses are all very raw and exposed. Let’s all stick together and watch out for each other. My love to Ashling’s friends and Family. I was at the gathering at the Dail earlier and so shocked that there wasn’t an appropriate public address system so that people could hear the heartfelt words and wisdom of the ladies that spoke. I couldn’t believe it. The music was beautiful but the seagulls were louder than the little speaker that was used. This was too important a gathering for such an inefficient set up.
Posted @withregram • @vivajerryfish Time for change! 💔⚓ #ripaislingmurphy

Absolutely heartbroken posting this and again calling for an end to violence against women. I cannot even begin to imagine what Aisling Murphy’s family and friends are going through right now. 💔

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I hate the news. Especially the real news. Sending my thoughts and prayers to Aishling Murphy’s family and friends and to all you girls and women who are harassed and intimidated as you go about what should be a normal day. 🙏🏻 ...

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I’m delighted to be taking part in this event, celebrating the life and songs of @danieljohnstonofficial Hosted by @vivajerryfish and featuring a gang of great Irish artists and Daniel appreciators! @whelanslive Sat 22/01/22 #danieljohnston ...

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1st time out of the country since 17/03/19
This one’s called ‘Bin’s out tomorrow, in Geneva’.

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Mentioned in the @businessposthq big Christmas crossword! It took me a moment or three. It’s 5 down. ‘A bit of Mundy in Galway, there’s no end to it’. Thank you Robert Alexander for sending it to me. #sundaybusinesspost #crossword #UNDYING ...

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Suburban Positivity.
These people always do something cool with their lights whenever there’s something festive happening. Makes me smile.

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Wishing you all a very happy 2022. Thank you for your support. Keep safe and most of all, keep the head best you can. Breathe,walk and talk. Best Wishes, Mundy X #happynewyear ❤️🤟🏻 ...

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Catch this great documentary on #micchristopher on @tg4tv at 10.15pm. ...

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@lorrainekeaneofficial sporting one of my July T-Shirts in December! Looking fantastic! Happy New Year!! X🤟🏻🤠 ...

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